The basic tool is the Therapist’s hands and the love for what he does. There are plenty of other though, supporting accessories that simply complete the experience. The massage bed for example is the ‘Conforma Infinity” by Earthlite. You can see pictures of it in ‘My Space.

This bed is specially designed keeping women’s needs, in top of mind. The wood used to build it comes from Trees, specifically grown for that purpose. The materials are Eco Friendly and so forth.

The oil used as a base to create your own, customised blends is organic. I usually use Sesame oil, Olive and St Johns Wort (Spathochorto / Valsamochorto). The various essences and therapeutic aromas used to make the blends are all organic. Some of my favourites are jasmine, camphor, mandarine, ginger, pepermint and so forth.

The various little Superfood Snacks offered at the end and homemade Tea, are all bio and sugar free. You will love them!