Ayurveda essentially means Science of Life and its written in ancient Sanskrit. Born in India about 4500 yrs ago, spread through Buddhism to Asia, Thailand, China and Thibet. The very definition of Health depends on three specific Dosha: Vata – Pitta – Kapha and when they are out of balance they influence the human tissues. The tissues affect the feeding process of the body and that generates various problems like, muscular pain, knots, joint pain, swellings, etc. Here comes the beneficial role of Ayurvedic Massage techniques.
Therapeutic Massage

This ancient hands technique in combination with a balanced mixture of biological oil and essence aromas creates vibrations and energy waves to the body. The oil is absorbed by the blood through the skin, is distributed via the circulation and feeds where needed those damaged tissues.


  • The body: deals very effectively with muscular stiffness, aids flexibility, restores posture and fosters blood circulation.
  • Musculoskeletal: neck and back pain, spondyloarthritis, arthritis
  • Beauty: improves the skins touch and synthesis, tones and stretches the skin, redistributes excess fat and counteracts cellulite.
  • Senses: fosters our reflexes, our eyesight and other sensory skills from smell to instinct.
  • The Mind: releases blocked and congested feelings and in result it removes stress, tension, insomnia and hyper activeness.