In August we trust!

  Think of me as A Tree – my branches talk about diet, mental and physical fitness, while my trunk relates to Ayurvedic Massage therapy. NewsLetter frequency: every 35 days 26th edition FEATURED TOPIC August Νot much to say really about this month…perhaps the hottest  and most work break related month of the year!! Whether you have 10 or 20 or more days available, whether you spend them in the city, on an island, sailing or free camping have a: Great Time and a Lovely Summer 🙂 Sincerely hope you manage to seize the day and simply embrace Being there, wherever that might be….whether alone, with friends and family.   Ένα δροσερÏŒ ευχαριστÏŽ σε ÏŒσους τίμησαν την ‘ΑλληλεγγÏη’ του […]